Saturday, October 2, 2010


(Ladies, please join us for our Ladies' Fellowship Day on October 9th, 2010. You'll be in for a real treat as our Guest Speaker this year is Cindy Colley!)

Cindy Colley grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. She graduated from Freed Hardeman College/University with a B.A. degree in Communication. She is a member of the West Huntsville Church of Christ in Huntsville, Alabama where her husband Glenn serves as both an elder and the pulpit minister. Cindy is a member of the Huntsville Chapter of Associated Women for Freed Hardeman University. Cindy and Glenn have also been active in many missions. She and Glenn home educated both of their children, Caleb and Hannah.

Cindy enjoys speaking to ladies’ groups on a regular basis in addition to teaching classes for ladies and children in her home congregation. She has also authored various poems, articles, and lessons for ladies in addition to her books for ladies, Women of the Genesis, Women of Deliverance, and the new Women of Troubled Times. She has co-authored a book about Christian parenting and a book about Christian marriage with her husband. They are entitled Your Mama Don’t Dance and You’re Singing My Song, respectively. She has also co-authored ladies’ books including My Sister’s Keeper, We Bow Down and How Shall I Be Remembered? Her day planner for ladies, Poems and Prayers and Promises is now available. She and her daughter Hannah have also written and produced a DVD study series for teen girls called Pure On Purpose. Her family has produced four recordings of Bible verses set to music, Hannah’s Hundred I, II, III and IV. Cindy and Glenn also enjoy speaking to ladies and men, respectively, at marriage and parenting retreats. Cindy has developed and taught a weekly community bible study for ladies.

Cindy’s hobbies include sewing and embroidery for her home and family, admiring and collecting antiques, and reading. She also likes to travel to various congregations to hear Caleb, her son, as he preaches in various pulpits. She enjoys traveling with Hannah as well, who also speaks often for ladies’ groups. Cindy and Hannah do lots of teen girls’ and ladies’ programs together. They have spoken in many areas of the continental United States as well as Alaska, New Zealand, Jamaica, Colombia, Ukraine and Argentina.

Cindy can be reached at or visit her website at Her blog is called Bless Your Heart and you can subscribe to it at

Thursday, February 11, 2010


This month's kids' get-together was at the home of the Mathenys who live beside our church building and have access to the perfect size hill for sled riding for most of the kids in our congregation. The older boys were nowhere to be seen however as this particular hill wasn't challenging enough for them; therefore, there aren't many pictures of them either, lol.

First off was a devotional with a lesson from Randy M. and some singing! Below we have some of the children singing.

And these would be the older boys spoken about earlier, lolAnd then the kids went outside for some sled riding fun and even a few of the adults got all bundled up and braved the frigid cold as in the picture with Roger and his daughter Ciara.Randy and Vickie survey the hill.Logan and the first wipe out of the day, lolLeyna preparing Julianna for the ride downHey, adults can have fun, too! Go, Vickie!!Jeff and Scott deep in discussion.Our littlest sledder CiaraAnd down goes Collin...And Julianna...And Selvie...And Nicholas....And Dryden...And Graham...And finally Josh's turnThe girls getting ready for another run downLogan, Julianna, Aubrey and Kara - snow buddiesAubrey and CiaraWeeeeeeeeeeThen everyone found their way back inside for some sloppy joes, lots of snacks (way too many snacks, lol) and some of Pam's homemade hot chocolate.

Here in this picture we all meet Scoob, the Mathenys' pet rabbit.What a funny face, Jordie!Randy and Roger actually stayed outside after the kids came in and "played" some more in the snow, lol. Here is Randy finally coming in and calling it quits.This is where the ladies spent most of their time, lol, inside where it was nice and warm

You can tell Leyna just came inside from her rosey cheeks!We are a very blessed congregation to have all these great kids.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


If you've been wondering how you can help bring some measure of relief and be of assistance to those suffering from the devastation brought on by the earthquake that rocked millions of people in Haiti this week, please take the time to click on the icon to the right of this post for information on how you can help.

(Galatians 6:10)

" we have opportunity, let us do good to...all...especially to those of the household of faith."

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

It's hard to believe that another year is past, and a new one has begun. It was great to sing and pray in the New Year with a few beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, and a few guests as well! One of the things that has always made our congregation special is our love for fellowship, and that makes the passing of time more joyful, though it seems sometime to make it pass more quickly.

Our attendance was unusually low for our New Year's Eve fellowship because of weather, sickness, injury, and other reasons, but everyone who was able to attend was blessed, and everyone who was not able to come was prayed for and very much missed! We had a great time and for those that attended we hope you did, too! We just want everyone to know that as the New Year begins we're thinking about you, praying for you, and are thankful to be part of such a wonderful church family! Our prayer is that God will bless each of you, and all your family, and that your New Year will be Great! God willing, we very much look forward to another year of faith, fellowship, friendship and service with you!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So we're going to try to fill you all in one post at a time on what our congregation has been doing since the last post in September. We'll start with our annual Fall Fellowship which this year was hosted by Bruce and Bev Roberts at their home in Bradford, PA. It turned out to be a beautiful fall afternoon with lots of folks in attendance from several of our local congregations: Warren, PA; Jamestown, NY; Clarion, PA; Bradford, PA; and I'm sure there are others I've missed.

After eating a feast fit for kings and queens, the kids next got to participate in a scavenger hunt. Divided into two teams they hunted for various items and one of the teams of course was victorious over the other. After that the children next were treated to Bradford's version of a hay ride which you'll see in the photos below, lol.

Lastly the afternoon finished with singing praises down in Bruce and Bev's basement to Our God and King. It was just a great day as the pictures will demonstrate!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Happy Birthday to all of those who celebrated birthdays in September!!!

September 8th - Bev Dietrich
September 12th - Jeffrey Geer
September 13th - Chris Arford
September 24th - Christopher Arford
September 30th - Graham Haight

And Happy Anniversary to Scott and Cathy Pearson - September 13th.

Monday, September 28, 2009


In May of 2007, Roger and Jackie Sherwood announced to the congregation that they were starting the process to adopt a little girl from China. Moving ahead 2 1/2 years later, on August 26th, 2009 Jackie and her mom travel to China and finally met Ciara Rae-MinWen Sherwood for the first time on August 31st. They arrived home on September 10th where Ciara then met her Papa, her big sister Leyna and her niece/sister Logan.

Ciara made her debut to the Warren congregation on Sunday morning, September 13th, and the following week was formally welcomed home with a potluck/shower that the congregation threw for her. Everyone has been waiting anxiously to meet her and the congregation has fallen just as easily in love with her as the rest of her family has. Now that she's here, Ciara has adjusted fabulously and is now running around with the rest of the pack! lol Here are some highlights from the party!

Ciara and her PapaCiara with her Pappap (Jackie's dad)Ciara with her Granny (Jackie's mom)Being silly!Jackie and Roger opening Ciara's gifts surrounded by all the excited children, lolOh, she likes this one!Some photos of Ciara's new church familyRoger and Jackie's granddaughter Logan getting in on some of the actionCiara and her Mama

"...children are a heritage from the Lord..."

Playing with her new friend Julianna while Randy looks on.One happy girl!Thank you, Father!